Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alter Destiny

what if you had a chance to alter your destiny?

If only I could alter my destiny. Wait?? Can I do that anyway? If one could do that then he can’t die for he can change what might happen to him. Still, are we the man of our destiny? Or is it God the one who holds our destiny? What us the difference of fate and destiny anyway?

Destiny could mean ’tadhana’ in Tagalog and Fate could mean ‘kapalaran". So fate is what is being written on those tabloid newspapers with our lucky numbers, colors and days. In short, our daily horoscopes. Then, destiny is the incident that needs to be happening and no one can change it unless you can turn back the time. That’s what i can conclude about their meanings.

Anyone who had seen the movie Time Machine? The guy there invented a time machine to turn back time so to prevent her girlfriend from facing death, in short to alter the destiny of death. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he used his invented time machine to turn back the day her girlfriend would face her death he really couldn’t change the course of destiny. What has to happen has to happen.

Anyone who had seen the movie If Only? Unlike in the movie Time Machine, the guy had the chance to alter destiny. On the first part of the movie, the guy who’s a promising businessman always take for granted his musician girlfriend, until one night, her girlfriend met a car accident right before her very eyes. The girl died but the next morning when he woke up his girlfriend was there beside him on their bed. He realized that time had given him a chance to have the time back to prove his love to his girl and then alter the destiny of her death. The night came as the same night her girlfriend would meet her death. He rode on the cab with her and the accident happen. In the end, the guy died instead of the girl this time.

Could these instances happen in the real life like in the movies? If we could, what would happen to the real world? It would be a total chaos because anyone can fool death. Maybe that’s why no one had ever perfected in inventing a time machine. Well, face it! No one can! Our life no matter how hard we tried to change it if we are destined or fate have it’s way is always ruled by one man and He guides us through it…He is the only one God. Maybe people, us, are just expecting too much of our lives but there’s more to life than just doing it. And that is bound to be explored by us as we go on.

If only we could turn back the hands of time.If only we could alter destiny, if only we could control our fate. If only we had the power but we don’t have at all. The formula is just live your life without having the feeling of regret and wishing to change what we have already done.

Yesterday is but a memory of the past. Tomorrow, who knows might not come anymore. Today is all you’ve got now..

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