Monday, November 25, 2013

Dear Death

I was reading My Sister's Keeper and I got swept off by the story. Then the next thing I observed I got a bruise on my leg and just as it will fade out, another one popped out at the back of my leg. What follows was that I told my mother that if I ever have cancer, I won't undergo medication because I am going to die anyway. So that leads me to talk about death.

About a couple of weeks ago, my youngest sister got sick and my mother was afraid that she might have dengue again. My sister was crying because of body pain and I don't think that I could cry like that because of body pain. I decided that I have high tolerance on pain. So I told God to make my sister well and that God could have just given me the pain instead.

I remembered what Bella said in the novel Twilight about dying in replacement of someone you love seems like a good way to go. I fully agreed to it. At least, as you drew your last breathe; you have known the purpose of your life. When everyone was still clueless about what to do in their life and mostly fearing death, but when you give yours to save another it's pretty heroic.

I was praying to God, and as well sending out a plea to death; to take my life in replacement of someone. It may sound like that I don’t value my life but really, I think the best value you can give your life is to make it worthwhile for someone else's life. This may sound then too self-righteous and that I am so self-less. I don't know it’s just that I don’t have anything to fear about pain or death. We will all die anyway and as what the Bible says, the life that we had on earth is just a preparation of another journey after we die. I believe that how you live your life on earth will determine what you will be on whatever is in store for all of us after we die.

It’s not that I am playing safe with my life.  I had my own fallback and shortcomings. I had my great taste of pain, sorrow, happiness, and love. I mean life is so great  even though there were cruel times. There is nothing to fear about death when you have lead an awesome journey in life.