Monday, February 4, 2013

Ruby Sparks (Movie Review)

"I love your mess."

Calvin(Paul Dano) the geeky writer who is having trouble coming up with the next best story after the big success of his previous novel while juggling to find that perfect date. One day, he woke up from a very vivid dream about a girl he never really knew and he found himself falling in love with this mystery girl. Through his therapist who suggests a writing activity for him, Calvin then started to write about this girl he called Ruby Sparks (Zoe Kazan). One day to his surprise, the girl she was writing about came to life. He also discovered that whatever he typed on his manual typewriter about him and Ruby will come to reality. At the beginning things were working out pretty fine. He just has to type something on his typewriter to fix things up whenever things get rough between them. Then as every perfect relationship there would always be a flaw that would seep inside to ruin everything. Calvin realize the complications of conforming Ruby's personality to him so everything would be perfect but it turned out to be a real mess in the end. As things get out of control, Calvin learned that he has to let go of Ruby because whatever he does to patch everything up, Ruby seems to be always the receiving end of the mess he started. Calvin then finally set Ruby free and is no longer bound by his words and will. He was able to start his next novel he entitled 'The Girlfriend' and it was a huge success. Calvin's love story started anew as he met a girl at the park who seemed to be fond of his dog Scotty. The girl looks every inch like Ruby but she does not remember him at all. They strike up a conversation about his book and he revealed he was its author.

Ruby Sparks was a very amusing movie and close to the reality of every relationship. We often complain about our partners not being the same as who we are and that complicates everything. In every relationship there is what we call compromise and accepting each other's flaws and mess. In the movie Calvin was longing to have that perfect girlfriend and the moment he knew that he can change Ruby to his liking seems a very promising start for a romantic relationship. In the end, it thought him a lesson that we cannot change a person just so they can blend with our personality. It gave him a bitter end for as he finally realizes Ruby's worth, he has already set him free.

"I guess I was looking for you. It just took me a while to find you."