Friday, May 28, 2010

-Different Horizon-

A typical, love story...

Yesterday, I wasn't able to accomplish anything. BULL*#@%! Anyways, I was close to crying again while me and Jana was talking about another friend who is Tony. I told her I'm happy whenever Tony and I are together. It's so much fun and simple. That I am proud that the moment we shared is nothing compared to his new set of friends. But Jana said, what if he does not have a choice at all but to be with me. I suddenly got hurt about that idea. Then I thought maybe his new friends are telling something bad about me. Jana said that Tony and I are very much unlike each other. I don't want to entertain the idea that Tony does not find me as a good friend. That I am not really the friend he longs for. Either way, Jana told me that above anything else I made a mark on his life. I told myself not to get too close to someone.

It's hard to leave and move. I also got to realize one line I heard on TV today.

That maybe it's meant to be that way. One day you're so good with each other, the other day you won't be anymore.

Why does it have to be like that? From the longest time of my friendship with Tony, he seldom took care of me but when he does it's already a big thing for me. The seldom the gesture, the most instant it was done, the more I appreciate it. I don't want to count the things I've done for him because all of it, I love doing it. Maybe if someone read this, they might think I'm in love with him which everybody thinks I am. Maybe I am. Somewhere in my heart, I love him but that's just it. In the deep side of my heart there's the thought that won't bloom on the surface. Maybe he's like that too. It's just that at the moment we have each other, fate gave us a different horizon to see. It's there but I know, I can't face the thought of it. Because I just love the way we are. No commitment, no fuss, no responsibility. I think I'm contented with that. (Stupid me!)

<* Not necessarily on a noted day.This is the story of Pam.>

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Issues They're Talking ABout

Let me try giving my views on the current issues in and around the metro..

I don't know what to blog when I realized there are a lot of issues circling the airwaves nowadays. From the campaign to make Noynoy stop smoking, to the 2010 CENSUS, from Willie's indefinite leave at Wo
wowee and many more.

I did not know it was already time for the ever hardworking teachers to check how much are population had grown. Last time, I check we are already hitting 80 million. Back in college, there were a lot of closely knit houses near our campus. We had one project wherein we need to mingle with the community. One of the group in our class chose the barangay near the campus. When they did their ocular check, they found out that in one house, five families were sharing the amenities. That was I think back in 2005. What more in 2010? The teachers taking the grueling job for the CENSUS 2010 brave the heat of the El Nino and will have to meet the quota of 300 household just to get their meager allowance of Php11,000. Our house was already counted. We already had the pink sticker on our door.

Another hot issue is the arrogance and power tripping of Wowowee host Willie Revillame. He suddenly went berserk on Entertainment commentator Jobert Sucaldito's views on him making fun of his contestants. Which is really true anyway. He makes the people beg for money making them look stupid. He has this arrogance that people should follow whatever he say if want money. Then comes his statement that he will resign if ABS-CBN Management would not kick Sucalsdito out. How could he threaten people like that? Yeah, he is famous but that does not give him the power to command the people who put him to where he is now. In the end, he'll se that not everyone is fond of him. In the end, he is going to be alone because of his arrogance.

Let's go to o
ur soon going to be proclaimed president Noynoy Aquino. It was suddenly a fuss on him not trying to quit smoking.It is his health anyway. If its his decision not to quit then so be it. they are just making this an issue. Before it was his intellectual capacity and now his habit of smoking. If smoking won't get in the way on how he rules over our country, then its no big deal. Those people who are feeling angels because they quit smoking just like that are hypocrites. Admit it, they also struggle on quitting it. maybe Noynoy does not see himself quitting smoking yet. I don't smoke but I have nothing against people who smoke.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Under your Skin

I ended this week with a lot of annoyance and releasing of this annoyance. There are a lot of people who were already getting under my skin. But then again, I juts let it pass. I do pity them because they don't know that they were already annoying the people around them with their attitudes. The fact that they have to be really attention-grabbers just to be noticed. In short, they are "papansin". Some think they were God's gift to the crowd so you will have to focus your attention to them. They think they are being smart or cool by getting the attention with their stupid moves but they are not. They are merely making themselves looking so stupid.

I think people who are 'papansin', can be group into two. Those who are having the effort to get notice by their irritable moves that they don't know they are merely morons with what they are doing. The other one is I think the most irritable. These are the people who think they are the ones you need to focus on. These people are airheads already. They think they are the VIPs that you must not ignore them or you missed half of your life. Duh!?

At the end, I don't mind these kind of people. At one moment they irritate and annoy me but when I just let out those bad feelings towards them, I am fine. I don't let them get under my skin the whole day. I just have to accept the fact that they are like that. The sad part is they might lose the people around them with that kind of attitude. Not all people can tolerate them and understand them the whole time. Everybody has a different tolerance level and patience when it comes to that kind of 'papansin' attitude. And it is pitiful, that they have to be 'papansin' just to be seen and be notice.

Think before you speak!

Friday, May 21, 2010

I Saw Myself

I saw my two other personas...

I saw a nun today on my way home.

It was back in high school that I asked for a sign if I was going to be a nun. It was in our baccalaureate mass that my sign came. There was a big image of Mother Mary on the stage during the mass. After the communion, there was announcement. They were calling those who have heard the call of the Lord. Those who are willing to offer their hearts and lives to the glory of the Lord. I grew up in a simple household; with simple things contented on what we have. I knew in my heart if I pursue the path of the Lord, I am going to be happy. I will never fear and be in pain. But then , I realized that I was finding an escape from the cruel world. I can say I am already matured emotionally and mentally but I was still naive about the new world that I will enter in college. I was scared that I was thinking of getting a peaceful path. My close friends knew that I thought of entering the convent but my parents don't. I think I was just at awe on how someone can offer her whole being to the glory of the Lord. I am open to challenges. I always admire those priest and nuns I came to passed by in my everyday lives. I am proud to feel in my heart that in my past, I dreamed of becoming one with Lord. I am one with the Lord. He never left when most of the time I did leave Him. Who knows my path might suddenly took a big turn and make my sign a reality...^_^

I saw Pablo Neruda in MRT on my way home yesterday.

It's the MRT's Berso sa Metro. They also have this in LRT. Pablo Neruda is a Chilean writer and politician (1904-1973).

"If suddenly you forget me do not look for me,for I shall already have forgotten you". (If You Forget me)

Back in college I got glued on reading his poems that struck my aching heart back then. It was full of emotions wrapped in such lovely words. I always love poetry. I love how such unfathomed meanings were kept in there that you will have to read; more than reading between the lines. I got to hide my innermost, hurtful feelings in poetry. All the pain, the joy and heartaches that I'd been through was trapped inside there. I wanted it to be released on the person who will read it. I wanted it to touch lives and pinch the hearts. I hope I can be a famous poet if not a photographer. I went on pursuing a career in journalism to touch lives by my words and open minds by my opinions. Aside from the fact that writing become my outlet. I always wanted to try painting or just anything but I always went back to my first love: writing. When I can no longer cry, laugh or die, I write...
Right now, I blog..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Still Single..

Everyone makes a fuss suddenly as I changed my relationship status on Facebook. There was pandemonium and everyone went berserk. It is the middle of the night when I just thought of changing my status. Maybe I am tired of seeing that Single status on my profile page.

As I changed my post, one friend commented that she like it and my best friend followed a comment that I was just being 'epal'. I then went to bed and think about what will my changed status post will look like. I know most of them will find it unbelievable and some will be curious who will it be. They wish.

So after a good night sleep and eating my breakfast, I checked out my Facebook profile. As expected, comments poured in like rain. Most of them were surprised for I'd been single for a long time. My closest friends were clueless because I am not telling them someone who might be the one. It is so funny! There were comments like: 'for real?', 'who's the lucky man?', and so on so forth. I am also touched because I think most of my friends wanted me to be with the guy who deserves me. The one who will really swept me off my feet and who will be there for me. I think there will come a time for that as I always pray for it anyway.

Still, people always made a fuss if you are in a relationship but when you are single they don't care at all. It's like when you are single, you are like a poor puppy that no one would think of buying.

Happiness does not mean having that someone who can give you joy. Instead, it is having someone to share your happiness with. And to that someone who is willing to share my happiness, I'm willing to let you in..Be my lucky man,hehehe...^_^

Sunday, May 16, 2010

At Home on a Weekend

This is a solid proof that I no longer have enough money to explore the world and get on an adventure. I get to be my old self again. A certified homebody. I get to earn a lot of sleep and ate properly at home.

But being at home on a weekend gave me a lot of things to do also and thoughts to ponder.

Last week started well that continued into a lot of dramas. There was a lot of fuzz at my new work. Almost everyone is having a hard time coping. Some of them already left for good. Even my closest friend who dragged me into applying is already giving up. I don’t know what to feel. I am having a hard time also but then again I was thinking of making this new job work out for me. For I told myself that this would be my last try on accepting calls, if it does not work I’m going to let go. We managed to get through the weekend as we took our first calls along with our complaints here and there. It was suddenly a new world for us: virgins or non-virgins. I think this weekend was meant to get me relax and have enough rest. I am so thin already, anyway.

As Saturday came, I got to talk to my previous coach and we catch up on each other. I suddenly became a love adviser to her. I found it surprising that I got to give good advice even tough I’ve never been into a relationship. It felt good that you get to ease someone’s heartaches and confusion just by giving those advices. Still, at the end of the day, my advice would be worthless because it’s up to them to live out what I told them or follow their heart. We all know that the end of this is: the heart always won. Love makes us stupid people. You know in your mind that doing those things makes you so stupid yet because you love that person dearly, stupidity becomes you.

I cried the night I came to bed last Saturday. I just felt like crying. I cried because I suddenly felt happy and thankful despite the confusion. I felt contented. Amazingly, I just realized at that very moment I am so happy. Thanks a bunch Lord.

Sunday came and it is still spent on sleeping. I was thinking of attending the anniversary party of my new work but then laziness get in the way. Another thought about love came also. Am I scared of letting love in? Because of this thought, I dreamt about some guys that came into my life. Those who did not let me in and those I let in without strings attached. All I know is that I am happy. I always pray to God that whoever comes or whatever comes I just want to be ready and worthy of it.

Love. Life. The Weekends. ^_^

The Outside..

"The Outside"
Taylor Swift

I didn't know what I would find
When I went looking for a reason, I know
I didn't read between the lines
And, baby, I've got nowhere to go
I tried to take the road less traveled by
But nothing seems to work the first few times
Am I right?
So how can I ever try to be better?
Nobody ever lets me in
I can still see you, this ain't the best view
On the outside looking in
I've been a lot of lonely places
I've never been on the outside
You saw me there, but never knew
I would give it all up to be
A part of this, a part of you
And now it's all too late so you see
You could've helped if you had wanted to
But no one notices until it's too
Late to do anything
[Repeat Chorus]
So how can I ever try to be better?
Nobody ever lets me in
I can still see you, this ain't the best view
On the outside looking in
I've been a lot of lonely places
I've never been on the outside

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Next Adventure Please..

This weekend that I had was kinda fully-booked. I went on an adventure with my friends. I loved the weekends like this. I wished it would never end. It was my second time at Eco Park.

ZIP Lined

All geared-up for the zipline moment. I was kinda scared on what if I fell off the water and the harness was not secure.
And zoom I went on the zip line. I was laughing before Kuya push me because my best friend's butt hit the platform before he zoomed. Hehehe. As I reached the other end, my knees were really shaking but it was really fun. On my way back, the other Kuya was moving the rope up and down and I was kinda dizzy. I ended up again with wobbly knees. Yet still it was so much fun. I realized the zip line was kind of a short ride.

Wall Climbing

Getting ready to my ever-first try at wall climb. I was hesitant because I might embarrass myself on not reaching the top and hitting the bell. To think my best friend who is guy, was climbing together with me. Aweshucks. I am scared to fail.

I was shouting at the Kuya who is supporting my rope that I don't want anymore when I am only halfway to the top. He was shouting that I can do it. I was a bit struggling but thank God on my long arms and (as Ate Selle said I have long legs pala..) my long legs, I reached the top.

Me, Tophet and Julie..all ready for the adventure..^_^

I can't hardly wait for my next adventure..^_^

Monday, May 10, 2010


Today is the moment of truth. Today we decide for the future. Today we see what will become of the bright tomorrow that we always longed for. I wished I can be part of this defining moment of my beloved Philippines. But unfortunately, I am not.

My father was pestering me and my old enough siblings to go ahead and register since last year. We won over our father and no one registered. The moment the local registration started, my feet longed to be on the line and exercise my right as I come of age. I know that this is a great privilege to do something worthy for your country. But again laziness got in the way.

Then there comes a moment that I loss my faith in my countrymen and my country itself. That as much as I wanted to exercise my right to vote and give my country a worthy leader, I did not. I just stayed home and get enough sleep rather than waste my time on the long line of registration. I know this is such a selfish statement to say and this is not the right thing to say. I think I loss confidence on the maturity of my countrymen on choosing the good and dignified leader for them. On choosing a leader, Filipinos just based their criteria on the lengthy commercials, the famous celebrity endorsers, on lavish giveaways during campaign periods and many more.

As political turmoil, government controversies and heart wrenching catastrophes turned our country upside down, my nation’s people has been reborn.

I knew that this time I am proud of those people who stand up and cast their vote for the leader who can make the bleak future brighter. (Again, I wished I was also one of the people who had that blue ink on their finger). This is the start of something new. I was perplexed that the Election Day was so peaceful. I was used hourly news flash showing violence on some part of the country during election days. But again, as they say, change is inevitable. Filipinos already see the vital factor of casting their votes and giving it to the person who is worth it.

All I hoped for is that I would no longer loss faith in my country and my countrymen. In the first place, I have no right because I am not there in the precincts molding the future of my country.

Our fate lies in our hands. Let s vote for tomorrow not for today.

To our future leaders show us that you’re worthy enough for your countrymen. Be a Filipino for the Filipinos.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Loneliest Person I Know-SPLENDER

You wanna feel you're never walking
You see your feet from off the ground
And when you leave there's no one talking
You slowly breathe and look around

I know you're the loneliest person I know
Just a flag in the wind that won't blow
Just a tear rolling down the window

You cut your lip and now you're freaking
Another friend becomes a foe
You try to leave but they offer candy
Another time you won't say no

Well, I know you're the loneliest person I know
Just a flag in the wind that won't blow
Just a tear rolling down the window

You see that I know you're the loneliest person I know
Just a blade in the grass that won't grow
Just a hand holding on to let go

Time is a train...
Time is a train...
Leading you nowhere...
Leading you nowhere

Time is a train
I feel the same
Leading you nowhere
Leading you nowhere yeah

A second page you reach a chapter
You're on the phone but no one's there
Another thing you can't keep after
Another time you're left alone

I know you're the loneliest person I know
Just a flag in the wind that won't blow
Just a tear rolling down the window

You see that I know you're the loneliest person I know
Just a blade in the grass that won't grow
Just a hand holding on to let go

You see that I know you're the loneliest person I know
Just a fly living in the back row
Just a slap in the face that won't show yeah

And I can do nothing about it
And I can do nothing about it

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just the Way You are..

The irritation is gone. I just love just the way you are...

It is just so confusing sometimes but I know we are the best of friends. It is very wrong to expect too much from someone. I just have to learn to accept the fact and this fact makes our friendship stay stronger. What makes us opposite is what makes us unique. This also what keeps us together. That would be forever.

These days that kept us apart makes our friendship grow fonder and I like that. I get to be with myself and be on my own. The advices I get it just fits me. I need to keep myself away just to see how far would you go to follow me. And I know just by you being close to me, holding my hand out of nowhere and letting me kiss you on your cheek, are just your way of showing me how you miss me. I guess I am just being overly dramatic. I love it when I tell you about boys I meet and you give such a brotherly advice. That makes me happy.

I would end this by thanking my new friend on giving me a comforting hug before I go home from work..

Also to my shobe, on making me kiss him on his cheek as I finally go home ...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bothered on You not being bothered

Yesterday, I was a bit irritable or maybe you can call that tampo...

I hate that it is happening again because this was the very reason of my depression. My depression that you just chose to shrugged off. I hate that I am feeling this because I know you won't even bother to feel unless I forced it to you. But what can I do, if I say it nothing will happen. I would just be so pathetic and I knew you hate drama. I had then realized that I cannot expect more of you when you can expect the most from me. But why am I expecting still from you?

It always bothers me that you do not bother at all. That in everyday that I bother myself how are you doing, or are you even bothering to think of me I always get scared. I’m scared to know that I do not even cross your mind or even worry about me. I do not know why I am so attached to you. It is enough to say that you are my friend and I just gave a part of me to you in everything I do.

When I need something, I even begged you to do it for me. But when you need something, in a flash, even if I would die doing it I am there.

I am not complaining, I just want attention again. I just don’t want to feel that I’m cherishing you more than ever but you are not. Having that feeling is like losing my faith on our friendship.

But with just one “YES”, that you assured me, all my tampos are gone..


“I will do the same”

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

10 things I Hate about You

"Oh, give me a man who is man enough to give himself only to the woman who is worth him. If that woman was me, I would love him alone and forever." (from the movie Casanova)

10 things i happen to hate to know about (some)guys

NOTE: This list is what I happened to know about guys. I don’t care what you think about it but this blog is open to violent comments if you do have some…=) it’s just the way I see it. And if I’m wrong I dare guys to prove me wrong. I still hope on finding my Prince Charming someday, (not Shrek..)

1. Guys do have expectations! (They have lots of it..)

2. Guys do kiss and tell (them and their big mouth.)

3. Guys are all Casanovas! (they tell you the sweetest things but you were just 100th girl they have told …think…)

4. Guys hate girls who dared court them…(they didn’t like to received flowers, chocolates,etc..)

5. Guys could really be too "feeling and too "pa-cute" (they could be a puppy anyway..great pets..)

6. Guys do love girls who are scene-stealers (talk about a walking display, girl! ..ick..)

7. Guys do collect and reject, collect and dump, collect and recycle..(Well, guys are really good sanitary engineers. not bad for Adam’s race..)

8. Guys could really be so numb and dumb..( stupidity!?! or on being Iceman?!?)

9. Guys don’t practice the virtue of honesty and the law of karma..(they don’t even know how many lies they’ve told and to whom..)

10. Guys don’t deserve to be called Gentlemen anymore or even Prince Charming (maybe girls, could be gentlewoman.. and guys do have options..they could be that movie anyway.."_")

Monday, May 3, 2010

Key to My Heart

This song is from Back-Up PLan soundtrack..LOVE it!


Boy you put me on the spot I don't know what to say
But I'm trying anyway
Like my hearts gonna drop
My mind drifts away and I can't control the pains

Words are spinning in my head
Don't know why I'm holding back
I should just tell you how I'm feeling yeah heh

But I don't wanna act a fool
Don't wanna look confused
If I let you know about the way I feel
Don't know what you gonna do
So I keep it locked inside
And imagine you were mine
And I'm feeling you so close but yet so far
You hold the key to my heart

The more I brush it off
Tell myself it's nothing at all
Deeper I fall
And I imagine everyday
A thousand different ways
How you respond to what I say

Am I getting lost in my dreams?
Are you unreachable to me?
Cause these butterflies just won't go away

I don't wanna act a fool
Don't wanna look confused
If I let you know about the way I feel
Don't know what you gonna do
So I keep it locked inside
And imagine you were mine
And I'm feeling you so close but yet so far
You hold the key to my heart

But if I never tell you then you'll never know
And the secret is get-ting heavy to hold
This is more than just a crush
So I may stut-ter when I speak
And my knees may get a little weak
But I've got nothing to lose and only you to gain
Tell me do you feel the same

But I don't wanna act a fool
Don't wanna look confused
If I let you know about the way I feel
Don't know what you gonna do
So I keep it locked inside
And imagine you were mine
And I'm feeling you so close but yet so far
You hold the key to my heart

Therefore, I Believe

I always have insecurities, low self-esteem and lack self-confidence. I am often described as shy, timid or snob because of my silence and keeping to myself. I grew up not used to having attention from a crowd. Though I always wanted to be known and be noticed.

I knew I am not that beautiful, it is just now that I can tell myself that I am beautiful. People close to my hearts and the passing of time made me know that. But there are times I lost that feeling that I am pretty just like the moments that made me lose the confidence that I barely have. My father always supported, whatever my opinions he hear it out, whatever I wanted to be in my life he was just there tapping my back and telling me that I can. It is just that I am always a disappointment sometimes or maybe most of the times. You know the feeling that you know there is so much more that you can offer and that this is not your true self; who is feeling stupid and stagnant. But the environment and people that surrounds you trap you to move so to get out.

I seldom have friends who are handsome and beautiful, most are the average type. I get easily insecure when I am surrounded by persons who are being pursued by many because they have faces like that. I don’t know, maybe because if I join them I would look like a wall flower. If I have good-looking friends, those are the ones who boost my fading self-esteem. See, the lack of self-esteem there.

It is very seldom that I meet special people who believe in me and who can see the real me. So when I meet those kinds of people I know they will become a big part of me. I mean who would believe in someone who sometimes lacks the will to be strong and grab the confidence that she knows she can reach. A lot of times I failed the people the people that I cherished the most but even though that was the case they never lost their faith in me. On the moment that I no longer believe, they are the ones who is going to believe for me. For this I learn to be humble and share what I have to people around me. If my faith is sometimes failing, what I do is support the people around me and cheer for them to be strong.With this, I get to boost my self-confidence by seeing somebody gain more confidence of their character. I tell them to believe, for everyone has the right to dream.

As I go on with life, I knew as long as people believe in me I need to believe in me also. For as long as I believe, therefore I loved..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gray Hair. K-pop.32 Degrees

Woke up today and pulled out a gray hair.

Was that because it was so hot the other night? Or was it for too much sweat. They say gray hair is the sign of aging but I think it's not. They say you could wish if you pulled out a gray hair. I wished...


My best friend and I got busy singing K-pop songs. Just yesterday he thought me to dance when I cannot even dance as well as he can. We were sweating profusely and it was really a very hot afternoon. Then we mastered singing Korean songs. I love the beat and the rhythm of K-pop. It can be well compared to US songs. I wish Pinoy can embraced our own Pop Songs as much as we do on other foreign pop songs. We are influenced primarily by Western culture and now Korean songs are invading our radio waves. I'm scared that there will come a time that we no longer have our own identity in music. Even though, I appreciate K-pop now I still embrace OPM.

32 degrees..

At night, we cannot make good sleep even though our eyes are already heavy. My friend has a cute alarm clock that tells the day's temperature. It says 32 degrees. That is the temperature on a normal Pinoy afternoon not at night. It should be reading 28 degrees at night. I opened the widow and there is no wind blowing. I drop something from the window and it just fell straight down, without any wind changing its direction. I whistled so to call attention to the wind. People do that to make the wind blow, and it is effective but that night it was not. We decided to watch The Devil Wears Prada. I suddenly missed my old job before I enter the call center industry..=D

Slept late then..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alter Destiny

what if you had a chance to alter your destiny?

If only I could alter my destiny. Wait?? Can I do that anyway? If one could do that then he can’t die for he can change what might happen to him. Still, are we the man of our destiny? Or is it God the one who holds our destiny? What us the difference of fate and destiny anyway?

Destiny could mean ’tadhana’ in Tagalog and Fate could mean ‘kapalaran". So fate is what is being written on those tabloid newspapers with our lucky numbers, colors and days. In short, our daily horoscopes. Then, destiny is the incident that needs to be happening and no one can change it unless you can turn back the time. That’s what i can conclude about their meanings.

Anyone who had seen the movie Time Machine? The guy there invented a time machine to turn back time so to prevent her girlfriend from facing death, in short to alter the destiny of death. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he used his invented time machine to turn back the day her girlfriend would face her death he really couldn’t change the course of destiny. What has to happen has to happen.

Anyone who had seen the movie If Only? Unlike in the movie Time Machine, the guy had the chance to alter destiny. On the first part of the movie, the guy who’s a promising businessman always take for granted his musician girlfriend, until one night, her girlfriend met a car accident right before her very eyes. The girl died but the next morning when he woke up his girlfriend was there beside him on their bed. He realized that time had given him a chance to have the time back to prove his love to his girl and then alter the destiny of her death. The night came as the same night her girlfriend would meet her death. He rode on the cab with her and the accident happen. In the end, the guy died instead of the girl this time.

Could these instances happen in the real life like in the movies? If we could, what would happen to the real world? It would be a total chaos because anyone can fool death. Maybe that’s why no one had ever perfected in inventing a time machine. Well, face it! No one can! Our life no matter how hard we tried to change it if we are destined or fate have it’s way is always ruled by one man and He guides us through it…He is the only one God. Maybe people, us, are just expecting too much of our lives but there’s more to life than just doing it. And that is bound to be explored by us as we go on.

If only we could turn back the hands of time.If only we could alter destiny, if only we could control our fate. If only we had the power but we don’t have at all. The formula is just live your life without having the feeling of regret and wishing to change what we have already done.

Yesterday is but a memory of the past. Tomorrow, who knows might not come anymore. Today is all you’ve got now..