Friday, May 7, 2010

Just the Way You are..

The irritation is gone. I just love just the way you are...

It is just so confusing sometimes but I know we are the best of friends. It is very wrong to expect too much from someone. I just have to learn to accept the fact and this fact makes our friendship stay stronger. What makes us opposite is what makes us unique. This also what keeps us together. That would be forever.

These days that kept us apart makes our friendship grow fonder and I like that. I get to be with myself and be on my own. The advices I get it just fits me. I need to keep myself away just to see how far would you go to follow me. And I know just by you being close to me, holding my hand out of nowhere and letting me kiss you on your cheek, are just your way of showing me how you miss me. I guess I am just being overly dramatic. I love it when I tell you about boys I meet and you give such a brotherly advice. That makes me happy.

I would end this by thanking my new friend on giving me a comforting hug before I go home from work..

Also to my shobe, on making me kiss him on his cheek as I finally go home ...

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