Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting Under your Skin

I ended this week with a lot of annoyance and releasing of this annoyance. There are a lot of people who were already getting under my skin. But then again, I juts let it pass. I do pity them because they don't know that they were already annoying the people around them with their attitudes. The fact that they have to be really attention-grabbers just to be noticed. In short, they are "papansin". Some think they were God's gift to the crowd so you will have to focus your attention to them. They think they are being smart or cool by getting the attention with their stupid moves but they are not. They are merely making themselves looking so stupid.

I think people who are 'papansin', can be group into two. Those who are having the effort to get notice by their irritable moves that they don't know they are merely morons with what they are doing. The other one is I think the most irritable. These are the people who think they are the ones you need to focus on. These people are airheads already. They think they are the VIPs that you must not ignore them or you missed half of your life. Duh!?

At the end, I don't mind these kind of people. At one moment they irritate and annoy me but when I just let out those bad feelings towards them, I am fine. I don't let them get under my skin the whole day. I just have to accept the fact that they are like that. The sad part is they might lose the people around them with that kind of attitude. Not all people can tolerate them and understand them the whole time. Everybody has a different tolerance level and patience when it comes to that kind of 'papansin' attitude. And it is pitiful, that they have to be 'papansin' just to be seen and be notice.

Think before you speak!

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