Monday, May 10, 2010


Today is the moment of truth. Today we decide for the future. Today we see what will become of the bright tomorrow that we always longed for. I wished I can be part of this defining moment of my beloved Philippines. But unfortunately, I am not.

My father was pestering me and my old enough siblings to go ahead and register since last year. We won over our father and no one registered. The moment the local registration started, my feet longed to be on the line and exercise my right as I come of age. I know that this is a great privilege to do something worthy for your country. But again laziness got in the way.

Then there comes a moment that I loss my faith in my countrymen and my country itself. That as much as I wanted to exercise my right to vote and give my country a worthy leader, I did not. I just stayed home and get enough sleep rather than waste my time on the long line of registration. I know this is such a selfish statement to say and this is not the right thing to say. I think I loss confidence on the maturity of my countrymen on choosing the good and dignified leader for them. On choosing a leader, Filipinos just based their criteria on the lengthy commercials, the famous celebrity endorsers, on lavish giveaways during campaign periods and many more.

As political turmoil, government controversies and heart wrenching catastrophes turned our country upside down, my nation’s people has been reborn.

I knew that this time I am proud of those people who stand up and cast their vote for the leader who can make the bleak future brighter. (Again, I wished I was also one of the people who had that blue ink on their finger). This is the start of something new. I was perplexed that the Election Day was so peaceful. I was used hourly news flash showing violence on some part of the country during election days. But again, as they say, change is inevitable. Filipinos already see the vital factor of casting their votes and giving it to the person who is worth it.

All I hoped for is that I would no longer loss faith in my country and my countrymen. In the first place, I have no right because I am not there in the precincts molding the future of my country.

Our fate lies in our hands. Let s vote for tomorrow not for today.

To our future leaders show us that you’re worthy enough for your countrymen. Be a Filipino for the Filipinos.

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