Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Issues They're Talking ABout

Let me try giving my views on the current issues in and around the metro..

I don't know what to blog when I realized there are a lot of issues circling the airwaves nowadays. From the campaign to make Noynoy stop smoking, to the 2010 CENSUS, from Willie's indefinite leave at Wo
wowee and many more.

I did not know it was already time for the ever hardworking teachers to check how much are population had grown. Last time, I check we are already hitting 80 million. Back in college, there were a lot of closely knit houses near our campus. We had one project wherein we need to mingle with the community. One of the group in our class chose the barangay near the campus. When they did their ocular check, they found out that in one house, five families were sharing the amenities. That was I think back in 2005. What more in 2010? The teachers taking the grueling job for the CENSUS 2010 brave the heat of the El Nino and will have to meet the quota of 300 household just to get their meager allowance of Php11,000. Our house was already counted. We already had the pink sticker on our door.

Another hot issue is the arrogance and power tripping of Wowowee host Willie Revillame. He suddenly went berserk on Entertainment commentator Jobert Sucaldito's views on him making fun of his contestants. Which is really true anyway. He makes the people beg for money making them look stupid. He has this arrogance that people should follow whatever he say if want money. Then comes his statement that he will resign if ABS-CBN Management would not kick Sucalsdito out. How could he threaten people like that? Yeah, he is famous but that does not give him the power to command the people who put him to where he is now. In the end, he'll se that not everyone is fond of him. In the end, he is going to be alone because of his arrogance.

Let's go to o
ur soon going to be proclaimed president Noynoy Aquino. It was suddenly a fuss on him not trying to quit smoking.It is his health anyway. If its his decision not to quit then so be it. they are just making this an issue. Before it was his intellectual capacity and now his habit of smoking. If smoking won't get in the way on how he rules over our country, then its no big deal. Those people who are feeling angels because they quit smoking just like that are hypocrites. Admit it, they also struggle on quitting it. maybe Noynoy does not see himself quitting smoking yet. I don't smoke but I have nothing against people who smoke.

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