Monday, October 13, 2014

Who was I when it wasn't Me

It Wasnt Me

There I was but its someone else curse
I was running along the rough,ragged course
I was walking, carrying on with a burst
But it wasnt me, it was someone's thirst

There i was but it wasnt my smile
I was happy for they've walk a mile
I was sad, as I heard them cry
I was feeling it,but it was very dry

There i was overwhelmed with some love
For they were lovely as a soaring dove
My heart on their own sweet story
But it wasnt me, it was just me feeling sorry

There i was watching the good life
I was there with every neverending strife
I was there with every grin and hello
But you see, it was me I dont know

There I was feeling empty but deep
There I was knowing, dreaming asleep
There I was a hollow in someone's shadow
There I was dreading, wading in the fallow