Thursday, May 13, 2010

Next Adventure Please..

This weekend that I had was kinda fully-booked. I went on an adventure with my friends. I loved the weekends like this. I wished it would never end. It was my second time at Eco Park.

ZIP Lined

All geared-up for the zipline moment. I was kinda scared on what if I fell off the water and the harness was not secure.
And zoom I went on the zip line. I was laughing before Kuya push me because my best friend's butt hit the platform before he zoomed. Hehehe. As I reached the other end, my knees were really shaking but it was really fun. On my way back, the other Kuya was moving the rope up and down and I was kinda dizzy. I ended up again with wobbly knees. Yet still it was so much fun. I realized the zip line was kind of a short ride.

Wall Climbing

Getting ready to my ever-first try at wall climb. I was hesitant because I might embarrass myself on not reaching the top and hitting the bell. To think my best friend who is guy, was climbing together with me. Aweshucks. I am scared to fail.

I was shouting at the Kuya who is supporting my rope that I don't want anymore when I am only halfway to the top. He was shouting that I can do it. I was a bit struggling but thank God on my long arms and (as Ate Selle said I have long legs pala..) my long legs, I reached the top.

Me, Tophet and Julie..all ready for the adventure..^_^

I can't hardly wait for my next adventure..^_^

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