Monday, May 17, 2010

Still Single..

Everyone makes a fuss suddenly as I changed my relationship status on Facebook. There was pandemonium and everyone went berserk. It is the middle of the night when I just thought of changing my status. Maybe I am tired of seeing that Single status on my profile page.

As I changed my post, one friend commented that she like it and my best friend followed a comment that I was just being 'epal'. I then went to bed and think about what will my changed status post will look like. I know most of them will find it unbelievable and some will be curious who will it be. They wish.

So after a good night sleep and eating my breakfast, I checked out my Facebook profile. As expected, comments poured in like rain. Most of them were surprised for I'd been single for a long time. My closest friends were clueless because I am not telling them someone who might be the one. It is so funny! There were comments like: 'for real?', 'who's the lucky man?', and so on so forth. I am also touched because I think most of my friends wanted me to be with the guy who deserves me. The one who will really swept me off my feet and who will be there for me. I think there will come a time for that as I always pray for it anyway.

Still, people always made a fuss if you are in a relationship but when you are single they don't care at all. It's like when you are single, you are like a poor puppy that no one would think of buying.

Happiness does not mean having that someone who can give you joy. Instead, it is having someone to share your happiness with. And to that someone who is willing to share my happiness, I'm willing to let you in..Be my lucky man,hehehe...^_^

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