Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gray Hair. K-pop.32 Degrees

Woke up today and pulled out a gray hair.

Was that because it was so hot the other night? Or was it for too much sweat. They say gray hair is the sign of aging but I think it's not. They say you could wish if you pulled out a gray hair. I wished...


My best friend and I got busy singing K-pop songs. Just yesterday he thought me to dance when I cannot even dance as well as he can. We were sweating profusely and it was really a very hot afternoon. Then we mastered singing Korean songs. I love the beat and the rhythm of K-pop. It can be well compared to US songs. I wish Pinoy can embraced our own Pop Songs as much as we do on other foreign pop songs. We are influenced primarily by Western culture and now Korean songs are invading our radio waves. I'm scared that there will come a time that we no longer have our own identity in music. Even though, I appreciate K-pop now I still embrace OPM.

32 degrees..

At night, we cannot make good sleep even though our eyes are already heavy. My friend has a cute alarm clock that tells the day's temperature. It says 32 degrees. That is the temperature on a normal Pinoy afternoon not at night. It should be reading 28 degrees at night. I opened the widow and there is no wind blowing. I drop something from the window and it just fell straight down, without any wind changing its direction. I whistled so to call attention to the wind. People do that to make the wind blow, and it is effective but that night it was not. We decided to watch The Devil Wears Prada. I suddenly missed my old job before I enter the call center industry..=D

Slept late then..

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