Friday, May 21, 2010

I Saw Myself

I saw my two other personas...

I saw a nun today on my way home.

It was back in high school that I asked for a sign if I was going to be a nun. It was in our baccalaureate mass that my sign came. There was a big image of Mother Mary on the stage during the mass. After the communion, there was announcement. They were calling those who have heard the call of the Lord. Those who are willing to offer their hearts and lives to the glory of the Lord. I grew up in a simple household; with simple things contented on what we have. I knew in my heart if I pursue the path of the Lord, I am going to be happy. I will never fear and be in pain. But then , I realized that I was finding an escape from the cruel world. I can say I am already matured emotionally and mentally but I was still naive about the new world that I will enter in college. I was scared that I was thinking of getting a peaceful path. My close friends knew that I thought of entering the convent but my parents don't. I think I was just at awe on how someone can offer her whole being to the glory of the Lord. I am open to challenges. I always admire those priest and nuns I came to passed by in my everyday lives. I am proud to feel in my heart that in my past, I dreamed of becoming one with Lord. I am one with the Lord. He never left when most of the time I did leave Him. Who knows my path might suddenly took a big turn and make my sign a reality...^_^

I saw Pablo Neruda in MRT on my way home yesterday.

It's the MRT's Berso sa Metro. They also have this in LRT. Pablo Neruda is a Chilean writer and politician (1904-1973).

"If suddenly you forget me do not look for me,for I shall already have forgotten you". (If You Forget me)

Back in college I got glued on reading his poems that struck my aching heart back then. It was full of emotions wrapped in such lovely words. I always love poetry. I love how such unfathomed meanings were kept in there that you will have to read; more than reading between the lines. I got to hide my innermost, hurtful feelings in poetry. All the pain, the joy and heartaches that I'd been through was trapped inside there. I wanted it to be released on the person who will read it. I wanted it to touch lives and pinch the hearts. I hope I can be a famous poet if not a photographer. I went on pursuing a career in journalism to touch lives by my words and open minds by my opinions. Aside from the fact that writing become my outlet. I always wanted to try painting or just anything but I always went back to my first love: writing. When I can no longer cry, laugh or die, I write...
Right now, I blog..

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