Sunday, May 16, 2010

At Home on a Weekend

This is a solid proof that I no longer have enough money to explore the world and get on an adventure. I get to be my old self again. A certified homebody. I get to earn a lot of sleep and ate properly at home.

But being at home on a weekend gave me a lot of things to do also and thoughts to ponder.

Last week started well that continued into a lot of dramas. There was a lot of fuzz at my new work. Almost everyone is having a hard time coping. Some of them already left for good. Even my closest friend who dragged me into applying is already giving up. I don’t know what to feel. I am having a hard time also but then again I was thinking of making this new job work out for me. For I told myself that this would be my last try on accepting calls, if it does not work I’m going to let go. We managed to get through the weekend as we took our first calls along with our complaints here and there. It was suddenly a new world for us: virgins or non-virgins. I think this weekend was meant to get me relax and have enough rest. I am so thin already, anyway.

As Saturday came, I got to talk to my previous coach and we catch up on each other. I suddenly became a love adviser to her. I found it surprising that I got to give good advice even tough I’ve never been into a relationship. It felt good that you get to ease someone’s heartaches and confusion just by giving those advices. Still, at the end of the day, my advice would be worthless because it’s up to them to live out what I told them or follow their heart. We all know that the end of this is: the heart always won. Love makes us stupid people. You know in your mind that doing those things makes you so stupid yet because you love that person dearly, stupidity becomes you.

I cried the night I came to bed last Saturday. I just felt like crying. I cried because I suddenly felt happy and thankful despite the confusion. I felt contented. Amazingly, I just realized at that very moment I am so happy. Thanks a bunch Lord.

Sunday came and it is still spent on sleeping. I was thinking of attending the anniversary party of my new work but then laziness get in the way. Another thought about love came also. Am I scared of letting love in? Because of this thought, I dreamt about some guys that came into my life. Those who did not let me in and those I let in without strings attached. All I know is that I am happy. I always pray to God that whoever comes or whatever comes I just want to be ready and worthy of it.

Love. Life. The Weekends. ^_^

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