Friday, April 30, 2010

close to dying

Crazy day... and to think I was supposed to die today.

Simple things are happening that had made a great impact as days come and go. (Thanks to a new friend) I get to fulfill my promise to myself to blog everyday and get to typed down my random thoughts.

I woke so early for our class hours was moved to an earlier time. So sleepy and the topic we are discussing is so much on the techie side. I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to trying new programs and things which are technical. Everything was different today. Breaks were only for ten minutes that we do not have time to chit-chat. The question for the buzzer before we begin the class was not what I expected. i thought my trainer is going to ask about a favorite book. I am so much ready for that.

Fast forward to going home. Lovely,to go home so early. We usually ride the MRT to and from work at Buendia. There is no struggle on riding the train for it is not the rush hour. As we went down the platform and went on the coach, it suddenly smells like burned rubber. Me and my friend were holding on to the post that was shaking unusually. Then, boom passengers suddenly rushed outside and the train's engin

e and lights were turned off. My friend and I were both feeling our racing heartbeats as the guard shouted, "Huwag po kayong magtakbuhan!" Come on, Manong Guard. We are close to dying! I was waiting for a loud boom as we ran along with the passengers but nothing followed. My friend decided that we took the bus to continue our lives. (Away goes the Php12 fare). We came along with another passenger who told us that the train was moving so weird from the Ayala station so she decided to get off also from Buendia.

My sleepiness was gone suddenly. As I walked along to our house, I saw kites in the afternoon wind. The month of May is the month where it already windy and you get to see more kites in the sky. Some have a tragic ending along the Meralco wires...

=D..I was not supposed to die today anyway..=D


  1. Wow! Was that me your new friend? Gee.. What happened to you was scary huh.

  2. yeah, we're friend right?=D..Scary, really..