Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best of Both Worlds??

It is the nature of the male to be polygamous…

It is the nature of the female to open herself to love easily…

That is so stupid! I wanted to shout those words when I heard my trainer at my new center telling us about the reason of her break-up. I admire her for being the one letting go and at least she is the one who let that boy go.

Boys sometimes think, they can always have the best of both worlds. They can have the other one and still get to keep the next one. Such a loser thing to do. They are just a bunch of cowards who lead girls on and leave them hanging on. Why can’t they just choose and be brave enough to love the girl they have always wanted.

The story was the boyfriend has another girl that is still in the picture that he cannot let go. I have a friend back in high school who has a love story close to this. The guy and her were close and then there is the other girl who has a crush on the guy. I think the guy told my friend that she likes her but suddenly, our class just found out that the guy and the other girl is already a couple. My other girl friends were mad at the guy.

The usual scenario on this is the other girl is pretty and the other one is smart. But more than anything else, if you love the girl, say it and mean it. If you don’t say it let go. In this game of love, you can’t have it all. There is always the other half who is going to cry. My new guy friend said that in nature guys are polygamous. I admired him for saying those statements. This statement is also his reason that is why he is not into relationship. He was scared that he would just play in the relationship. I just told him not to. But it’s a funny conversation for me. Relationship was suddenly the topic of the day in our training class.

If you believe, therefore you love. If you get hurt, you did feel love. That is just it. Love entails joy and tears.

As Paulo Coelho says in The Witch of Portobello, “Real love is composed of ecstasy and agony”.

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