Friday, April 23, 2010

Ring The Alarm

I’d been through a lot of readings and information today that struck the hell out of me. I mean these new things i came to know were the things i never thought were happening in this world. Its just so depressing knowing these things and in the end it left my heart feeling hurt and so heart wrenching.

Haven’t you notice the world around you? A lot has been happening that I thought had come up to an alarming level now. The tragedies and catastrophes that left some parts of the world devastated and in great need pf help from the people who have a heart to reach out. When you turn on your tv sets, listen to the radio and read your newspaper you could tell that the world is suffering too much and people are not doing something about it. You see these things were all along happening, it’s just that we were too busy about ourselves and so occupied with the material world that we tend to ignore these serious events around us.

I know life is sometimes or maybe all the times too harsh and cruel that we tend to divert ourselves to a better scenario and happy things so to stay away from these hard realities of life. But then we need to stand up and must not turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to the pain and suffering around us. These were all here because God has a message to tell us. We suffer and they suffer because it would make us feel how strong we were throughout and how lucky we were to overcome these things.

Yet after all, without suffering there would be no compassion. a simple prayer will do to stop or even alleviate the people who suffer and in pain. These were really happening and we are all part of this world not to be aware of it.

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