Friday, April 23, 2010

Surrender to Insanity

Sometimes the world is too cruel or harsh that most people wanted to escape from it. People resulted on drinking or just merely reading books just to see and imagine a more tolerable world. Escape comes in the form of already living oneself and staying on the world we that can give us a better view of life. Escape from reality.

Insane. Crazy.

On my way, to work (this time it is not a ‘taong grasa’) I rode on a jeep where there is a woman wearing a dowdy dress and looked unkempt. Her left foot was stretched in the jeep. It seem like she was just stretching to trip someone who’s going to enter the jeep. All throughout the ride, she was quiet. Typically, she just looked like those ordinary people who are not really keen on how will they look in public.
Out of nowhere, she blurted, “ P@#$% ina!”. Along with that profanity, I overheard saying about a husband. It suddenly disturbed my fellow passengers and most especially the guy who is seated close beside her. I got off the jeep without knowing where the woman got off. Her feet will just take her wherever her world would take her…

Thoughts began to ponder again..

Why that woman become insane and escaped the real, harsh world? Maybe a guy broke her heart and left it shattered to pieces, or something traumatic happened to her.

They say only the weak can result to being crazy. Someone who cannot handle the drastic changes in life and the ordeal that comes along with it.
Everyone gets a fair share of the cruelties of life. One may just be a different level from the other one. Still, all of these have a definite reason why it did happen. The reason may just be so oblique that we cannot arbitrate its purpose. That the denouement is yet to come in the rightful time that we need it. The sad part is that before we reach the end, we took the wrong turn and surrender on a more bearable world that we created on our own.

I can’t blame if they raised their white flag to this world that we have. In a way, they lost touch and hope that somehow, somewhere life would be better someday.

Hope is just around the corner. Faith. Believe.

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