Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Discovering Tupac Shakur

In literature, I always indulge myself in poetry. I myself love writing poems. I can see poems as a hideaway from the true feeling that you feel. Each lines and stanzas hide the pains, the hurting, the joy, the love and everything that I feel. It’s like you really have to dig up the curve of every line to get the root of the poem. It’s meaning. I love poems that are written in a melancholic and heartfelt way.. I never thought I could find that in the writings of a person I never thought would caught my eyes and my heart in every lines and words of his poem. None other than the late rapper "Tupac Shakur"..I came to Powerbooks and it seems like fate had made it’s way for me to read that book of the compilations of his writing. Poems that is and it’s worth Php 929.00, I guess. I happened to copy some of his poems. Here it really reflects the way i feel about a certain person who broke my heart but then let me whole again though his far away now from me…


every word

cuts to the heart

conversations are ended

Is this what you want?

Is this what I want?

Is this what must be?

this is not a game

this is love

one should be played

the other cherished

i fell two hearts breaking..

is this what you want?

is this what i want?

is this what must be?


Introduced with innocence

Who would have ever guessed

That you were the one I had

Been so desperately searching

You talk as I do but you don’t

Understand when I mumble

You see as I do but your vision

Is blurred by naivete

This is the barriei that separates us

I cannot cross yet

There is too much of me that

Would frighten you so I Live in

Heartache because we cannot

Fully explore this love and

What of your heartache?

Does it feel as sharp as mine?

No matter where I go or how long it takes

I will never recover from this mutual heartache????

Tupac Shakur died of a tragic death and I really have no knowledge about him except for the fact that the rap world owes everything of what and how the rap world had become of today.. As said in his biography he really has that flair in writing and a real great one..the words in every lines were simple and not that of the past literary works but you could tell the feelings inside his poems..I wish I could buy the book..

"I hope that one day i could break free from this love i had for you..One day ,I know this would be over but now i know it’s not yet over..I know it would be hard but I’m trying..I’m still learning you know.."

Thanks Tupac may you had peace with our Creator..peace out..

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