Monday, April 26, 2010

Future Plans. A Fart. Green Mangoes

I wonder why I become sleepy this start of the week on my new job when I am being proud awhile ago that I have enough sleep. As our class go along with the activities, I was energetic but my eyes became heavy as we had discussion..

Anyways, though I do not have enough money, my weekend as I can say is great. I missed spending time with my bestfriend, Tophet. So I get to spend the weekend with him and took care of him. I brought food and get to bond with him again. We indulge ourselves in singing our hearts out hoping to get to the level of the siblings who are YouTube sensations (Audrey and Gamal Tapiheru). Hurting our stomachs on watching hilarious skits of Vice Ganda on YouTube also.We talked about our plans of renting a house together. He was so excited about the idea and I know he is firm on pushing through on this.

Tophet and I got to catch up on each others escapades last week. I told him about my new set of friends and the new environment I am embracing right now. He also got to tell me about his week at work and how he plans to resign anytime soon.

I loved how our friendship went. We are the total opposite of each other but we got along so much. Like last weekend, though we don’t have money we got to enjoy each other’s company.

We enjoyed the afternoon having our laughing session over a platter of green mangoes and a saucer of soy sauce.

Here comes the hilarious part. I usually do an Indian sit and in the middle of a great laugh with him, I gave out a not so loud fart. *teeehee*

“Nautot tuloy ako,” I said while laughing. Then followed his long, almost never ending laugh.

“Dapat hindi mo sinabi. Akala ko naubo ka lang!”, he said.

My weekend was with a bang through the execution of my fart. (HAHAHAHA!!!) I was not feeling tired when I kissed Tophet goodbye. I have enough sleep and energy for a new week.

Not until, I fell asleep along the jeepney ride from Cubao to Pasig on my way home today.

Well, spending time with people close to your heart is never tiring and you will never mind the time passing by.

Until, you are on your own and the fatigue covers you up. Anyways, the exhaustion does not matter. Sleep and eat are your answers..

Just looking forward for the future..

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  1. Hahaha.. I love the part when you farted.