Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Me + You.

Love comes when you least expect it. It comes on the most unexpected time and place and to most unlikely pair. Even though, unexpected it comes out magically amazing.

I always believed that if love does not work out for me at least it work out for other people. Then I got to see the people close to my heart find true love that everyone is hoping for.

In the 22 years of my life, I see love in different forms. Parental love, friendly love, lovers love and love for GOD. I admit that sometimes I get frustrated that I do not have someone to love me like other people have but then again it’s just frustrations. I am contented as for now, seeing love work its magic to people I never thought would feel love for each other.

Love is just between a man and a woman, they say. They do not know that everyone is capable of love no matter is he has a heart of a woman or she has a heart of a man.

The proliferation of same sex relationship is already an open secret though most of the time it is not being accepted. There are still narrow-minded people who raised their eyebrows when they see two guys or girls holding hands or kissing.

I had opened my mind and heart to this other face of love when I was in college. I find it amazing how people resulted in this kind of relationship. I see most of them get to this kind of love because they see that it is no longer working with the opposite sex. It is sad if this is the case but what is magical that same sex relationship really happens because love worked on them. It is not because someone hurt them or what but because love beats for these two persons.

So lovely! I watched a love like this in front of my eyes through my friends who had this kind of relationship. The society says it’s immoral and against God’s will but I don’t think God prohibits us to love regardless of the way it was express as long as it was true.

I admire those in same sex relationship who had been with each other longer that a normal boy-girl relationship. Kudos to them for keeping the love alive and showing people that true love does work its magic no matter what our preference is.

Me, I’m just a girl waiting for my You..(Prince Charming is currently lost in the woods I think, hehehe..=D)

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