Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inside a cold dark cell

I feel like i was just thrown in cold dark cell for a crime i have never committed. That suddenly I am in a world full of strangers when no one can reach out for me. Its like everybody's wearing a mask and I don't know who is for real. I'm yet to see what is out there but then I'm already knew I have reached the dead end.

I know with this kind of world I am in, I will never be the old me again. Just when I though that moving away will be good but it is not. You might think it's childish and too immature but I know it's not really good to be taken away from the things you used to have, to persons you used to know and to the world you used to lived. I hate changes and especially if its getting you nowhere. There is really nothing to see but a cold dark cell.

I know I will never be the same again..

1 comment:

  1. I also don't like really bugs me..I hate it. But, we have to accept the fact that it's the reality of life..things change, some things remain..all we have to do is do something about it or accept it freely.