Monday, February 22, 2010

A New Day Like Today

Sometimes you wake up to an ordinary day. Everything is so random that you find it so tiring and boring already. It is like you need to do it because those are the things you did yesterday. But then,what if one day you want it to be extraordinary. You want something new from it. Just to be different and see the world out of your random environment.

I think I am like that. I get to be used with one thing that I learn to cope with it but there will come a time that I need to take a break from it. That in a snap I want to get out of it and find something else. I do not why I am like this. Maybe because I am still finding what I really want in my life. With this kind of scenario in my life I think I have learned to take a risk for there is nothing to lose. Why would you stick to something that does not make you happy anymore, right?

As I say I'm someone who can learn to love,like and hate things in the process. I do not really judge something just because someone said that it is not good for you. I am also that someone that no matter how hard you force me to something, if i resent it already, that is the end of the line for me.

Sometimes I told myself that I'm contented with what I have today but I think I might be just fooling myself on saying that. No one is really contented with life unless they find what they are looking for. Until,they settled for what they think is the best situation for them.

And so goes, the undying question of: What do I want in life?

It is a very tricky question. So I am fickle-minded person (like every girls are). Am I too late for my age to keep asking myself this question? ( I am 22).

NOTE: I'll try to blog everyday nah..=D

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