Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thoughts About The Dark Continent

Africa is said to be a God-Forsaken Continent.

For almost all the problems are brought to this continent. You could see the widespread droughts, depressing scenarios of famine and the bloody effects of a long year of tribal genocide wars are all capturing the international scene

Aside from that some of the African countries are often categorized as one of the poorest country in the world and they rely heavily on foreign aides. Some of the major necessities of their everyday lives are imported due to famine. Though most of the labor force are subsistent farmers and rely mostly on agriculture, African land is deprived of a fertile soil to till and along with that they have a poor climate condition. History says that Africa had long been under the bondage of some the European countries as their colony. For this, they suffered slavery, racial discrimination and lack of independence. Some of the countries were just freed and gain independence in the late 1960s or in the late 1970s. As a result of long years under the colonizers they lack the expertise to govern their own country and these came along the tragic civil wars and tribal genocide. Ethnic groups against ethnic groups. People against their government. Religion against religion. Country against country. These are but the factors that resulted to a very problematic and never-ending unrest within countries of the African Continent.

Internationally known, UN Peacekeeping forces came to the rescue and aided the problems of Africa. Also some foreign countries offered help to them. But the unfortunate truth is that some foreign countries only came to the aid of Africa with hidden agendas. They are exploiting the meager source of minerals from the African Land, brainwashing its native and nomadic people; taking advantage of the weak government; and in some worst parts provoking more of the civil wars and prolonging the tribal wars. This could be in my own opinion but you could really tell the truth just by merely observing and knowing the history. Another very unfortunate truth, some of the aides didn’t pursue their mission more and instead withdraw their team. Now you could tell why the likes of Angelina Jolie and Madonna adopt African children, why broadcast journalist Christiane Amanpour covering the conflict in Sudan, why Oprah’s opening schools there and many more who came to the aid of this Dark Continent in the middle of the world.

Knowing these issues across the globe is such an eye opening for me and for someone out there who needs our help. It could be simple yet as powerful of a help through our prayers and the hopes we have in our heart. Tears and material help may not be enough sometimes to ease the sufferings and burden of what they have but letting them know that people different from care enough to pary to alleviate their pain is enough. I realized that I am very lucky to be in the place where I am right now. But knowing how life is easier for us we take for granted the world on the other side; suffering and in pain. We must take a stand and take a look around the world we lived in.

Africa…A Dark Continent placed upon the Light of the world…A dark civilization the dry, barren land…Covered under the cloak of sufferings and the shadows of greedy powerful people…Africa…Dark but a simple prayer can light up their world.

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