Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cry a little

we wash our faces to clean it from all the dirt and dust of the day, we took a bath to freshen up our body. Then, what do we do to cleanse our very own being. Our soul?

We pray, that’s the most important thing to do, we do good so it will come around; the law of karma and anything else that would make our mind and soul in serenity.

Aside from praying and doing good (sometimes) I cry..Yeah! I cry, letting my tears flow freely, wetting my cheeks. They say your eyes are the window to your very own soul and you must clean those windows. So you must cry..

Since birth and up to now I’ve been a certified cry baby. I cry almost every night when I was a baby and I was a real headache to my parents before. I cry that I could hardly breathe anymore. Talk about a real headache to your parents. Still now I cry. I cry because I’m mad, when i get irritated, when I’m afraid, when things just get out of control, I just cry. My mother usually scolds me because I cry when I failed to accomplish something. she would tell me that," You cry too much, you’re too soft hearted, where would that lead you!" a little thing only and then poof! You cry!" I just can help it to be that way. When i cry it’s my shock absorber or my outlet to let things all out that’s a burden inside me. To let all the pain I keep inside and madness out.

One thing I could be proud of is that I seldom cry in front of anyone or sometimes not at all anymore. Luckily, I notice that I’m getting to be a tough girl, now! (^.~)

Still, I cry. Sometimes every night, but no one knows, only God, me and my lifeless pillow. I cry because I’m disturbed about everything, I’m hurt, I’m touched of a certain movie I’ve watched or book that I’ve read, I cry because I’m just too tired of the world and sometimes I cry out of nothing.(crazy me..) Like crying over a person who’s not worth it..Crying over him when he didn’t do cry over you..

Crying maybe is my hobby, i guess. It does cleanse my soul overnight and I feel so fresh and reborn.

Like the late Pope John Paul II said that it’s better to cry when you get mad than say angry words that might hurt someone but instead let your tears cleanse your heart and soul..


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