Thursday, February 25, 2010

Society is Anti-ME

"I’m not anti-social society is anti me!" most of us think that this simple quote is nothing, just a plain t-shirt statement, (well, I do love t-shirt statements!) right? Well, think again! This statement does make sense to me.

We grew up in this society where most of us are already acquainted with the term "social class". Social class, which means there’s always one above and one at the bottom.

It’s intelligence over stupid ones, civilized over uncivilized, wealthy over the poor ones and the strong over the weak ones..

It’s the cruel truth and no matter how hard you convince yourself that there isn’t an existing class…there is…

You could see it almost everyday, every time and everywhere. This society we lived in is like a wild jungle, a battle arena. It’s retaliation: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, the survival of the fittest, everyone must be fit to be tied..

You could see how the rich ones crushed the poor ones with their money, the educated ones took over the stupid ones, the strong ones frightened the weaker ones..

You can’t blame those people walking out in the streets fighting for a cause, that the ruling class shouldn’t always take over the people at the bottom, that it’s not for forever that they would steeped on the people that come their way.

It’s fighting for what you believe in, stand up for your principle (i’ve learned this from my father (~.^) ) and doing what is right..

When you ponder about these certain issues in our society, you can’t help but to be anti-social because the society makes you so. In return you will look like a threat to them..

In the end, there would be no anti-society if we learn to accept one another, the existence of one another..We are here because they are there and vice-versa..(~.^)


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