Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Of The Pain of First Love

Fool or Friend

Friendship is only you can offer

Even though we’re always together

For you, I’m only a joker

But for me, you’re my lover

For me, you are my light

That brightens up my dim sight

For you, I’m also your light

But not that bright

Now we’re on different ways

I just can’t go on each day

Thinking your now away

How I wish you could stay

Am I just a fool to hide

These feelings I have inside

For I know you’ll never be mine

No matter how hard I tried

Or maybe I’m afraid to try

To say my love to a guy

Now I’m left here to cry

When will my tears going to dry?

I wish we’re not friends

So the message of love can be send

I wish we’re not friends

So that no heartaches can be mend

I wish there’ll come a day

That will meet on the same way

I wish there’ll come a day

That you’ll feel the same way

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