Friday, March 26, 2010

Wandering thoughts..Random tears...

I cried today. I think these weird days I always get to shed a tear about just anything else. I feel so exhausted nowadays and I felt like I need to cry it out.

I am fighting to believe that I am doing fine. Convincing myself that I am going to be fine with all the uncertainties. So much things are coming to me that I do not know anymore how one is connected to the other


At the start of the year, I really do not know what will become of me in 2010. Then come my 22nd birthday came the biggest blow in my life. The pain of separation. I do not know whether to hold on or gradually loose myself from people and things I have learned to love and kept a big part of me.

Some great things are happening with someone but I am here being stagnant. I am not moving on or not moving at all.

I am going nowhere when everyone are going somewhere.

There are moments in your life that you get the feeling of doing the same thing over and over again. Then adding up to that is realizing that this is not what you want to be doing over and over again.

The hell of life.

Haiz, I think I am repeating myself here. My thoughts are going on a different level but all of it have the same meaning.

When you get to see persons who are the doing the same things as you are and knowing you can do more that them and yet they are the once who went far and you left stuck in Nowhere Land.

It is of great feeling that someone still believes in you when you can no longer find the reason to believe in yourself. Put their whole faith in you when it's obvious that you are not worth saving for.

I am as random as the falling of my tears.

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