Thursday, March 4, 2010

Prince Charming

Have you seen my prince Charming? If you happen to see him please do inform me! I’ve been waiting for him every minute of my life inside my castle. Perhaps, should I wait or find him myself?

I do believe that my life is a fairytale, not a soap opera. That I always do have difficulties and struggles in life that I overcome like a bold and gallant knight slaying a dragon, that i always have wishes that came true like Aladdin and his genie, that magic do happens in my life through GOD like fairies and genies granted wishes to princesses, that I will have that someone to spend my life like a princess finding an ever after with her Prince Charming. Maybe the last one would be too hard..

It’s hard to deal with a life like mine, where every girl seems to have their own prince charming, or I’m just over reacting on dealing a hard life about it. Back on high school before graduation my girl classmates (some of them) seems desperate to find a boyfriend before graduating. Then I don’t think that bothers me at all. you might think I’m a tomboy (hell, no! never in my life!!!) or I’m just weird but that idea just didn’t slip into my mind yet because I’m a year younger than them. So the princesses were in desperate search for their Prince Charming and some ended up in a frog prince or not an ever after story. Lucky Me!!! Let me borrow a quote my dear friend gave to me..

"It’s better for a girl to sleep a hundred years and be kissed and awaken by the right prince than to stay awake and be kissed a hundred times by a wrong (frog???) Prince...”

Now I’m off to college, it’s a whole new kingdom. So far away from the kingdom of high school. Everyone seems to have a relationship and I suddenly felt some frustration about myself on having a boyfriend soon or not having a boyfriend since Birth.

There are no fairies, fairy godmothers or genies that would make my wish come true to find my prince charming. This is my real world but it still does reflect a fairytale heroine. Only GOD knows the time of my ever after. Somehow, somewhere my Prince Charming would come.

They say the more you find true love the more it escapes you and you must learn the virtue of waiting. Then what if you wait and wait in your castle but no Prince Charming came to your rescue??

Well maybe, my Prince Charming was just lost in an enchanted forest, or still slaying a fire- breathing dragon, in a battle to defend his kingdom or solving witch’s riddles. I do practice the virtue of waiting anyway.

It’s never too late for a love that is true. I know that true love is worth the wait and my Prince Charming would one day swept me off my feet and ride me off to his white horse to his castle with a promise of a happily ever

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