Saturday, March 6, 2010

Breaking Free

How do people get to judge other people just like that? When people get to see me for the first time, they would immediately stereotyped me as a typical girl; shy and timid. They won’t even believe that I can be outspoken, be creative, can sing and dance sometimes or do what others can do also. And because of that I learned to be always quiet, always alone, just an ordinary girl and nothing more special to catch attention with.

Life is not certain as they say. They say you only get to pass on this street called life only once so better make the most out of it. Take a risk! Make a change! Breakaway! Break free!!!

There are things in life that make you go out of your way or sometimes lose ourselves. Sometimes when you’re afraid you might have never get another chance again. You must risk it all just not to waste the chance you have right now. That sometimes will make yourself see the different you. Far from whom you are before.

Like me, I was always the shy and quiet one, poker-faced! That most the times I was taken for granted or wasn’t recognized like the most people around me. I was like that before because I was afraid that if I speak out no one would listen or I just get myself embarrassed, I wanted to sing but I was afraid that they would laugh at me, I wanted to dance but I was afraid that they would teased me. That’s why during those days I was like a rose that sprouted from the brick wall; unique but no one would ever get to notice it. Like I was..

It’s hard when you achieve something or get a praise from your teacher, your own friends won’t believe you ( some of them back in elementary and high school days..), they didn’t think I deserved it like my teacher thought I really did. In those days I was a mermaid afraid to go out of my shell. I become too weak and scared to see if the grass was really greener on the other side. But I knew what I believe or did before was very wrong.

It is only me who knew the real me. If they could sing, dance or just do anything, so am I. There’s no harm in trying. Why should I fear what other people say about me? They don’t know me! They are not me! It is only I who can fulfill my destiny and face my fate. If I can walk on water, I can! If I can fly, I can! If I can touch the clouds, I can! Then sometimes there were just those people that would make you feel nothing, that you are a no one. But then I san turn myself into nobody into a SOMEBODY!!

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