Saturday, June 19, 2010


Why do we have to part ways and say the word goodbye? Why is there a need to let go, when it's all you ever wanted?

I am scared to say goodbye and let go but when it is the right thing to do that pains me a lot. There are a lot of situation wherein you have to let go and leave for good. It is not about relationship only; it is in all aspects of life.

As young as we are, we learn to say goodbye to the shallowest reason of it. And as we grew older we get to taste the bitterness and the deepest mark it bestowed upon us.

I learned to let go of petty material things that were already broken and can no longer be apart of me as I grow old. But it is hard for me, if I took so much care of that thing and something will happen to keep me apart from it. I get too attached, that’s it.

Maybe, that is my fault on the word goodbye. It is hard because I attached myself too much. It’s like never giving up and clinging on to it until time makes you feel that it’s time to go. It is so difficult, that you gave your all just to stay but in the end you will have to let go. People get tired also and there is always a need to move on. It is just so sad that when you go nobody cares. When goodbye is there, nobody dares to follow. They think you are a coward on giving up. They just don’t know that to stay together is a compromise. Just like the things you have taken care of, you should also take care of the people that life gave you.

Goodbye and letting go is painful, it is just that somehow, somewhere you just have to learn to see yourself again that you lost. I don’t think it is a coward thing to let go, it is the bravest thing to do.

It is the will to stay, when you say goodbye…

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