Sunday, June 6, 2010


One day,I will be sick and tired of my life. I fear that one day coming to me.

Here I am again having the same old sentiments and complaints. I was always there but no ones there for me. Everyday, I'm being the girl who was always there when someone needs me. I'll cross the ocean, get through the obstacles just to be on the rescue to someone who needs me.

I wish I had the courage to be selfish and think more of myself and be bad. I'm always nice, gullible and stupid. I feel so bad when people are already taking advantage of it and I still ignoring it even if I am fully aware of it.

My life is in random again. I do this for other people. I do that for them. But nobody hears me out. My voice just rings in and out in the four corners of my world.

I am merely just an echo that nobody wants to listen to. When they even listen, they do not really comprehend. That I need someone to be there for me too. It is too childish to feel exhausted to be there with other people. But there is the street on the road I traveled that I am thinking I had enough of the kindness thing. I wanna be evil and do bad things.

Yet still I can't be bad. Even just being lying is such a big thing for me. I cannot stand the thought of people hating me and having an enemy. I do not have pride at all when someone is mad at me. Even if its their fault, I talk to them and give up the fight first. My friend said that is too bad for me. People will really take advantage of me.

So what am I going to do?

Even though I am the kindest person in the world...I am just like an echo..I come and I go..

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