Saturday, June 12, 2010


I rode the bicycle with him to school when I was young..

I even saw him on the flag raising ceremony when he was a soldier before..

He would tap my butt (my siblings call it “pikpik) softly so I could go to sleep soundly…

Who he is…

He is Mr. Benjamin Mauleon, who else but my father..

My cousins once told me that I was a papa’s girl and I was…really

I was really close to my father I couldn’t remember any moment in my life he even laid a hand on me..

Though I always been so bad..

It even came to a point that I was ashamed of him being my father but that was really the most evil thing a daughter could do to her father..

He would do anything and everything so I could be alright..

He would always calm me down whenever i broke down in tears..

He would always keep me confident and fill my coward heart brave words that will make me strong..

He would be sometimes corny but his jokes would always make me smile no matter what..

He was my soldier..

My clown..

My driver…

My mentor…

My confidence..

I would always be thankful to GOD for giving me such a great father like him

Some day when I get married I will find a man like him…

I only wish that I could give him anything he wanted in life..

And that he will never work for us anymore..

I want to serve him and my mother until they leave me

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