Thursday, June 10, 2010


When I was a kid, I am always petrified on the thought of being lost.....

I was on my way home today from raiding the tiangge at Tiendesitas when a dowdy looking boy rode the jeep that I was on. I thought he was one of those usual kids who rode on jeeps and give out envelopes with note written by them about asking some help. He is not. I was surprised when he paid for his fare but he did not say where he would get off. As the jeep rode along, he asked the lady beside me on how he can get to Cubao. The lady gave him directions which is far and I know the way that is shorter but I did not say anything. The gay who was beside the boy gave him Php20 for his fare. As the jeep rode along, the boy kept asking directions and the place we passed by. I was thinking of giving my half-empty bottled Nestea but again I did not.

I know in my heart the kid is lost. I always dreaded to be in the situation the boy was in that moment when I was a kid. Whenever our family goes out to have our usual weekend getaways, I was always clinging on to my father's polo or my mother's skirt. I was a believer of those creeepy stories when a child gets lost. Some bad people will stash them away and eat them, or sell them to other people to be slaves, beg on the streets or sell their internal organs.

The moment I was looking at the boy, I can see in his eyes that he was scared but he kept his stance just like a big boy amidst the cruel city. Then he asked where are we. The woman answered him and asked where does he live? He answered in Pasig, but where? He said, "Matatandaan ko naman po 'yon." He always say he would go to Cubao. I got off never knowing where the boy was really going to?

Whoever, his parents are, weren't they bothered that their son is out in the streets and was sacred on finding his way back home? I am glad I have parents who never let their eagle eyes on their children when they go out and just let them pull their polo or their skirt...

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