Monday, January 11, 2010

a way of thank you

I’ve been up and down..flew and then fell..laugh and then cry..loved and was hurt..i’ve been strong and then so weak..i forget and then remember..and through it all HE was there..

Everyone thought that i was always the quiet and so kind girl when they saw me. Poker-faced, I am always. Everyone thought that I wasn’t born to be bad and get furiously mad but eventhough everyone seem to knew me like that, only HIM knows the real me..

With, HIM..I could be so tactless..I could be so tactless..I could cry non-stop and only HE can saw these tears of mine which was rarely seen by anyone I could be mad at everything and maybe to HIM also..I could be too bad and wicked to HIm and throuygh it all, HE was there..

Everyone thought that I was just fine getting along with everyday just fine. They thought I was just strong and just ready to face everything. everyone thought that my smile and my laughs were real but deep inside it’s too different and through it all HE was there..

In everything that I’ve done all my life, HE was the friend that never turned HIS back on me eventhough He saw and knew the worst part of me. There were a lot of times that I ignore HIS presence inmy life, a lot of times that I made HIM suffer because of my bad deeds, a lot of times I’ve broken my promises to HIM and a lot of times that I failed and disappointed HIM but through it all HE was there.

Amidst my pain, my sorrow, my heartaches, my failures, my sufferings, my struggle, my loneliness, my weaknesses, HE never failed to make me realize that HE was there, I can count on HIM. Just put my trust on HIm and though I disappointed HIM, he never fails me, HE never put me down. HE was always there to remind me to hold on, don’t give up and I"LL carry you through it all, my child…

Thorugh it all, I didn’t know how to say my thank you..could it be through saying a million thanks? a billion thanks? a gazillion thanks? All I know is that everyday of my life I try to say thank you to HIM and how blessed I am that HE was there. I had a quote made up by myself for HIM:

"No matter how many times I try and fail, I dreamed and was shattered, I hope but ended in vain, I fly but fell HE never fails to made me realixe that everything has a reason-it has a purpose"

i am just starting on my long journey to HIM and I told HIM that I’m getting proud of myself because I’m heading the right path where evryone suppose to lead to.

I knew when I cry, HE cries, when i’m sad, HE’s sad too. Though I’m not worthy HE knows i need halp and HE did shine on me. HE didn’t give up on someone who’s unworthy of HIM.

I was the lost sheep and HE’s the shepherd who found me, I was the lost ship in angry sea and HE was the lighthouse that shine on me. HE taught me the right way to my life and I knew when i’m weary He would carry me through.

Even a gazillion thanks will not do or worthy enough for HIS undying love for me.When evryone walks away He would be there for me..

I hope this blog will say my thanks to HIM, …(~.^)

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