Monday, January 11, 2010

I am Wind

My love is like the wind…or maybe I am the wind. It’s not the way the text quotes goes, like when you lose me you’ll be fighting so hard just to breathe me again or in the movie A Walk to remember; you can’t see it but you can feel it. I am wind because you just let me pass you by, blowing gently around you. To you, and whoever you are, you know who are you, ignoring me all along.

I am the wind for i could be everywhere as long as I like. Touch the leaves of the tallest tree, glide down to the cool waters of the river, brush off the rich ground or feel the clouds above, but I can only dream I am wind because I am me...a girl who just wanted to be the wind.

I'm dying to be the wind around you so I could hear your voice and let it swept off by my breeze around me. I could see you without even turning to the left or to the right for I am the wind who is everywhere. I could kiss your lips without you feeling awkward because i am just the breeze gliding on the curves of your lips. I could hug you without you feeling the resistance for I am just the wind circling around you. You could feel me and sometimes you could just ignore me. I am the wind beneath you but you really just can't have the time to feel it. Yes, I will always be like that around you and now that the wind of me is gone beneath you, it would be just nothing at all. I am a nothing wind. A dying wind who could be swept off to anywhere because you can't need me. For a wind is a moving air and I definitely had moved.

My love will always be like the wind, giving the one I love my caress, my breeze, my everything but when you don't need me I will just move along for I am a moving air, a fast one going along with my life.

Maybe, if I die I'd tell God that He'll make me into a wind . For my love to be felt by anyone around me and just keep it there, making me feel that my love is just around them and that will make me happy. I am wind. I give love without even trying to suffocate them like a harsh wind or frightened them like a raging tornado.

I am and my love. I will let you feel me and that would be enough. If you need me, I'll just be the breeze gliding around you. If you don't need me I'll just be moving on like a wind does after all...

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