Sunday, September 12, 2010

Big Sis

So many things has been said and done and yet here I am. I cried so much. I laugh so hard. These passed few months has been a blur and somewhat gave me a crystal clear view of life. I got to lose myself along the way and then found it again in the end.

I always care too much about the world and I didn’t even know I was losing myself. I need someone to help me bang myself against the wall so I can see the reality of what I am doing.

This I write for my big sister/bestfriend Ate Joanne.

She was the reality of my insane life. If she is not there, I am still losing myself along the way. I would never know how to pick myself up and to ponder on the silly things I’ve been doing because of love and life in general. If I am not afraid of her pulling my hair off or shaving it off, I would never learn to be selfish and think of myself more. I would never learn how to earn pride for myself which I never really have most of the time.

Our long talks and support to each other makes me sane when I am crazy. I am thankful that she dragged me to somewhere else where I finally found the world where I think will give me growth and time for myself.

Merci beau coup, ate Joanne..^_^

My come back to my blogging world is for you. My first entry after a long time is for you..^_~

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