Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lie To Me

So we lie. Everybody does. We need to tell lies sometimes. There is a point that we all have to hide the truth so not to hurt someone, to make everything better or just to make our lives less complicated.

I am gullible. I tend to believe everything that people say to me. So most of the time, I do not know how to distinguish the truth from a lie. A joke from a real feeling. A tell-tale from the reality. I think that is a good thing but my Mama said that is bad for me. People might take advantage of me or just used me because I am so good at believing someone in an instant.

I guess I really do not have an issue when it comes to lying. It is just that we need to lie for as they say that the truth hurts. But You know, even though I am a believer on anything, I know when a person is really lying. I just feel it. The good thing about is I do not confront it. The person who is lying is just eaten up by his guilt because I take the lie truthfully. Most of the time they say I am stupid or just a moron who just believe on whatever people say to me. For that I get hurt, I cry or I tend to feel happy some times.

But the truth about lying is not with the person you are lying to but with yourself. My Papa always said that those people who lie only make a fool of themselves. They think that they are getting their way around on some stupid person because of lying but the hurtful truth is that they only lie to themselves.

So I really don't have an issue on people lying to me or people lying at all. They just want to believe also in certain things that will make their reality feel better. The sad truth is, to achieve that they have to forget honesty. It is good, you can lie to me. I can listen to it as long as I can believe. As long as I can accept and understand it. Just lie to me.

After all I am not scared of being lied to, what will hurt me is not being able to believe again..

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