Saturday, May 21, 2011


Sometimes there is a point where you have to choose. I believe that everything we do and we chose defines the life that we live.

I sometimes wonder how different is the life that I live among other people in this world. I was sometimes at awe on how others get to the life they have. How their choices brought them o where they are now. And there are also time, I am saddened by the reaity on how their lives turned out because of what they had chosen.

They say I'm choosy but maybe because I learned to weigh things and see my choices outcome before I finally decide. It may mean that I don't risk it all but not exactly. I think I am lucky with the way I live, because I don't get to choose most of the time. It is because I know what contentment is and just lately learned the joy of accepting.

There are also experiences that affect the choices we made in life. In the end it is how we stick to what we choose or let it shape us to become a much better person for future choices to make.

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