Saturday, April 2, 2011

SOAP:The Last Slip and Fall

I was always inside that cold, dark corner. Sometimes moist and sometimes dry. I was there when you need me. I was just there. There, in the bathroom. I was the small, soft and slippery soap. When you touch me I was happy. I get to be with you and close to you. But our normal day won't be usual without me slipping away in your hands. So that was our usual day. An ordinary day but it was my moment that I will keep. My moment is in every time that I slip and fall out of your hands and you pick me up carefully. I felt I was cherished and I felt you needed me. So the usual moment goes on. I slip, fall and you use me again. But that moment of every time, you don't know that you take the very best of me. Gradually, I was losing my very self along the way. In that every slip and fall, I was fading away. Then the day came that I was almost not there anymore. Again, I slip away in your hands. Sometimes, I wonder if you intentionally do that or you are just clumsy or maybe I was really that slippery. So this slip and fall moment is different this time. It was painful. Along my fall, I was slashed in half on a sharp edge of a tube of body wash. I was not whole anymore when I hit the cold, moist floor. Reality was there. Guess it was always there and I just have to have a hard slip and fall to face it. I saw and felt that I was broken easily. The water are my tears as it runs through your body along with me as you still use me. I think that was the last piece of me. The last of me that you can hold on to. It was my adieu to our slip and fall moments. I was already broken. You can always find some(thing) else...

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