Saturday, April 2, 2011


I may be corny or you can call me cheesy when you’ve read this post. Then no matter what this post will be here.

I got excited on meeting my friend again and this movie was a perfect time to meet up. I was caught up in the movie to think I was in a middle of an emotional dilemma with my best bud. On top of that, I just got out from work with a hungry stomach.

The story has a simple plot but with this kind of love portrayed in the movie, it has always been a fantasy for every single girl like me. Sarah Geronimo’s character as Roann Sanchez was totally relatable. She was the No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth girl who has all the love and support of her family. With her wisdom that “True Love Waits”, it was unexpected to met someone like Eric Rodriguez played by Gerald Anderson. The only son of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, who studied in the States and knew nothing but the good times.

Roann showed Eric the real world far from the life he had learned to live. It has nothing to do with girls, bar hopping and drinking with his buddies at all which were the things he knew how to do.

An unlikely meeting, brought the opposite persons together. Roann work as an NGO worker and she was surprised that Eric was their guest in the event instead of his mother. It was an embarassing moment when she accidentally bumped her face on the door to welcome him with the bouquet of flowers.

Eric suddenly found himself lost in Roann's ordinary world. The President, his father assigned him in an immersion with Roann in a remote province sponsored by the foundation. As they argue and irritate each other they were not expecting that love will come their way.

Eric found himself falling for the girl way out of his league. Roann in return surprisingly found the love she had been waiting to a guy way out of her reach. They tried to hide it but the sparks cannot be denied. Their realationship has some flaws with Eric's high-profiled life and Roann's insecurities. But their love triumphed amidst the obstacles.

Their scenes gave me the "kilig" I've never felt in a long time in romance movies. I was not expecting the chemistry they have ignited in the screen. It is not the typical romance movies wherein they put kissing and intimate scenes to capture the audience. Just the goo-gooe eyed with each other and their holding hands were enought to send butterflies in my stomach.

Fall in love and get caught in their love bug..<3

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  1. wow, can't wait to watch this movie, with you :)