Monday, March 28, 2011

Green Means Go

I just can't believe this is happening. Sometimes I think this is too much too handle. But you let me go just like that. I was left hanging, cracking my brain open hoping to find an answer. Did I do something wrong? But in the end I was left unanswered. I tried to reach out but things were left unsaid for you chose not to hear me.

I kept on shouting to the wrong people. They are not supposed to hear but I got no choice. They can lend me an ear when you turn a deaf ear. Through it all, I knew this is going to happen but I guess I was unprepared for it. I am trying to be happy for myself as you chose to do the same. I am letting you do it on your own. I am letting you be. But I really am so clueless what happened. I guess these were all meant to happen.

I got no regrets. I am yours. I am still here as I said even if you don't need me. I must try to move on for there is no way to go but to move forward. All must go. The lights are already green. It was in green all along. It was already telling me to go.

I am dragging my feet, you know. I don't really want to run for I was even finding it hard to walk away from you. But you had let me go, so I must do the same.

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  1. wahh! I love this post so much! thank you!