Friday, September 21, 2012

The Mistress (Movie Review)

                                              “Hindi dahil gusto mo makukuha mo.”

Once again the unbeatable chemistry of the love team Bea-John Lloyd drenched our hankies and dried our tear ducts in Star Cinema’s 10th year anniversary offering. The Mistress gave a different dose on what we expect of true love and happy endings.

The story evolves on the intertwined lives and loves of the characters. Sari (Bea Alonzo) who is devoted in helping her family is the secret lover of Rico (Ronaldo Valdez) while his wife Regina (Hilda Koronel) becomes a drunkard because of one mistake she did that resulted to a son born from another man; JD (John Lloyd Cruz) who is then determine to take revenge on his father’s woman but ended up falling in love with her. Each character that we met in this movie would not be remarkable without the other.

I was endowed to Regina’s character, who struggles for her husband’s attention and forgiveness because of one mistake of bearing a child from her lover. In return, her husband kept on punishing her by carrying on with a string of mistresses but she knew very well that her husband would always come back to her eventually. This shows the bitter truth that if a woman made a mistake by taking in a lover she would be marred by it for the rest of her life but when a man takes on a mistress it was not a mistake but an accepted reality. Then there is Rico, a successful man trying to find a love that faithfully adores him which he found in Sari when he himself cannot seem to be loyal enough with his own wife. Sari was a tough woman with an enduring heart. She was your typical Filipina daughter that bears the responsibility for her family and even vowed never to get married. She was the woman who is always ready to take care for someone else and totally forgetting about her own happiness. She eventually finds a love that cares for her in Rico. And then we have JD, a son who was behind the shadows of his deceased half-brother and begged for his father’s love though he hates his womanizing activities that drew his mother into being an alcoholic. He soon found out who was his father’s mistress and vowed to seek revenge for his mother. But alas, love came as they least expect it and complicate matters.

This is a love story that does not give you butterflies in the stomach and excites you with 'kilig' moments. This is a love story that tells you that not everything you ever wanted will always come your way as Sari said in the movie. But JD's side believes that there would always be a way to get what you want if you really do want it. Then again, this love story will not give you the resolution you have been hoping for in the end. Their love story gives us the realization that when love is true it endures and sacrifices. No matter how you love or who you love it will always teach you that love sacrifices. No matter how long you have hoped for or no matter how much you wanted to be with each other, there will come a time that you would have to sacrifice. If not for the both of you, it would be for the betterment of the people around you. In the end, the movie leaves the decision to its audiences. How you see the ending will show how much are you willing to take or sacrifice for love?


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