Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Notice and A Warning

(Note: I changed my blog title to make it more appropriate for myself of course.)

Warning: The following entry is just a swirl of thoughts and emotions that I cannot really organized as of the moment. Prepare to get dizzy or crazy.

I have felt how to be shocked in a pleasant way. God really has a way of surprising us everyday. I have lent an ear to a lot of friends this past few weeks also. I guess I am good at listening and I have the ability to really do listen. Every now and then there is a need for someone for somebody to hear them out. And I am (I think) that perfect somebody.

It is like being with a friend. I am so flattered (and it literally makes my heart flutter) because of being a trusted friend. Knowing that despite your differences in all ways it is so delightful on having your friends to trust you with their emotions and thoughts. It is so lovely a feeling.

I have trouble sleeping last night and I think my Ate is crying or she is just having a bad cold. I don't know. It just bothers me. She is just texting someone and I told her to please put her phone on silent mode. I remembered Mama saying that my sister can get married and I told her that I would also. But I do not think Mama took me seriously. Oh,well.

I think I am really a magnet to those people whom I can feel who needs me. One close friend told me that I was sensitive. I went to ask if my being sensitive is sometimes in overrated already. But I guess this how I am. I bother and think too much even if no one really cares. I see things and hear them. I do not respond through violent reactions but I keep silent most of the time and just understand the way life goes.

I also bought a new book, which practically inspired the changes here, in my blog. It is a book by Stephen Chbosky. I promise to write a review about it. Also the Breaking Dawn pandemonium is here and I was hooked. Twilight is finally is nearing its dawn. It is funny that it is only to the fourth installment that I get to appreciate how perfectly Robert Pattinson fits the character of Edward Cullen. Let us just forget Kirsten Stewart maybe I will appreciate her on the part two

Plus, if I get to be a vampire I think my sensitiveness would now go overrated.

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