Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lighten Up

Let me lighten up my blog before everyone thinks that this is the blog of a suicidal. So I found this old note of a supposed to be blog back in college. The ink on the paper was already fading out but glad it was still readable. It is a list of things that fascinates me and make me happy. Here it goes:

Fireworks. Brilliant is the mind behind those fireworks. I am always fascinated by those glaring lights that took different colors and shapes as they shattered into the sky.

Fountains. I remember being at awe always at fountains. Whenever my parents brought us at the mall or at the park, they would always find me stuck in watching the waters spurting everywhere at a fountain. I love it especially at night, when they had those lights dancing along with the water. It makes me feel like a child again.

Fairytale. My little sister used to have this hard-bound Disney Cinderella book. I kept on reading it though the pages were already torn and there are scribbles on the pages by my sister. It makes me believe in magic and wonders behind this cruel world.

Bread and Fries. I would say that bread and french fries are few of the long list of the comfort food I love to eat during my "down days". Bread and french fries would be at the top of my list. I could never go sulky with these food in my mouth.

Moon and Stars. I am always drawn by the moon's light and the bizarre feeling it gives me. Or it is because it makes me a lunatic just what research says when it is in full moon. For me it is the most mysterious heavenly body for me. I was fascinated staring at stars also, especially when I learned that each has its own color and they also age and die eventually.

Rain. To some, if it rains it would ruin their day but for me I always love the rain. Though it is really annoying to go to work on a rainy day it is still refreshing to feel the drizzle on your skin. I used to think that God is sad when it rains.

Book and Writing. I tried to remember how I learn the basics of reading and writing. I wonder if my aunt who taught me how to read and write had a hard time before. But I thank her for her patience because I found the joy of reading and pouring out my emotions through writing. At home, it would difficult for my mother to make me do household chores once they saw me on my corner reading or writing something.

Trees. When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming a tree. In a way I don't need to go somewhere else and just stay in one place forever. It is just sad that as much as a tree would like to stay, people took them away. They don't have a choice but to die.

Dusk and Dawn. When the sun sets or rises it is like watching a beginning and an end. I love the scene when the sky blend into different shades of color signaling the start of the day or welcoming the dark of the night. Reminding us that another day has ended and to hope for a wonderful beginning.

Dogs and Dol
phins. I grew up in a household who are fond of dogs. So I am a certified dog lover. I also loved dolphins. I was amazed upon learning that once a dolphin finds a mate they would stay with each other for forever. Sometimes I have a feeling that I was a dolphin or a dog in my past life.

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  1. I love this post :) actually, whenever I get to stop and stare at trees, I remember you :) hehe miss you girl! xoxo :)