Monday, October 22, 2012

The Looper ( Movie Review)

"Don't let your target escape even if the target is you"

It's the year 2044, and Joe is there in a dry, barren field with his blunderboss waiting for something. And then someone appeared in midair that dropped on the empty mat and Joe took the shot. He is what they call the Looper. He is one of the specialized assassins who gets paid by silver by a mob who discovers the power of time travel who sends someone from the future for them to kill. They follow the rule, "Don't let your target escape even if the target is you". Things get complicated when he found out that his next kill is his future self.

My heart skipped a beat upon hearing the first blast of Joe’s blunderboss as he killed for a living. Joe was a orphan and was taken by a mob leader who trains assassins and Abe, the leader put a gun on young Joe’s hand. Joe was living the high life as he gets paid by the silver as he skillfully kills someone. But things started to turn around when his friend Seth ran to him and told him he let his future self escape when he found out is was his next kill. Joe did not want to get involve and sold his friend but little did he know it was turn to kill his future self. And somehow as it was his time to kill his future self the old Joe managed to escape right under his nose. Soon they will have to face each other for there is only who is supposed to live. The old Joe has a different plan who was determined to change the future in order for him to save his wife. He was able to relate to the young Joe about the story of the man they call The Rainmaker who was able to take over five major cities in the year 2074 all by himself. So the young Joe found out that they will have to kill someone's son who has an incredibly powerful telekinetic power. The young Joe met Sara the mother of Sid, the young rainmaker. As people get killed, and the future is at stake, the young Joe had to face the sacrifice of his life.

I was amazed by how Joseph Gordon-Levitt registers on the screen. He no longer has that boy next door look. His rugged countenance was perfectly fit for someone who has to play a cold-blooded assassin. Bruce Willis was at his best as usual and it was good of him to share credits with Levitt in this futuristic action film. Emily Blunt shined on her own as a mother who would sacrifice for her son. 

The movie shared how we can change our lives by the paths we chose to take and the sacrifices we chose to make. It instill in our minds that no matter how bad our life turns out to be it is never too late to take that 360-degree turn and change it for the better of yourself or someone else's even if you are inches away from death.

" And then I saw it.. I saw how a mother would die for her son... I saw how a man would kill for his wife...I knew this would go on forever and there was only one way to stop it from going..So I changed it."


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