Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post Hearts

It is never too late to share some love before the love month ends. No matter how love hurts and will have us crying; we can never deny the joy and contentment it brings to humanity. So here goes the statements I had realized about Love. It does not actually need some experience but the fact that everyday and everywhere you look Love is indeed all around us.

* Love is the morning. You never really know what will the day brings you. Will it be bad or good? It is love when you wake up in the morning. It is the feeling that keeps you going.

* L
ove is waiting. Like when you were at the bus stop. You never knew if there is really a bus arriving or will you be able to ride on it. It is waiting by the window hoping that he would take time to notice you.

* Love i
s dreaming. Dreaming that you will share sweet kisses with him. That you will live together for the rest of your lives. That one day you will hear him say the words you long to hear.

* Love is taking a risk. Dare yourself to move to tell someone what you feel. It is like walking on a tight rope or walking on fire. Love is a carnival.

* Love is the adventure. Climbing the steepest hill, swimming the deepest ocean. It takes you on an adventure you have never been before. An adventure of a lifetime.

* Everyone has their own meaning of love. Love can be between two persons. Love can be for the entire human race or love can be summed up to one word: GOD.

* Love is sometimes a failure. Not making it to the finish line. It is like not passing your exam. It
is like the moment you ask the question,"Do you love me?" and all you hear is a heartbreaking "NO!"

*Love is letting go. You already learned to fly so this time you need to fall on the ground. Let others fly because the sky is too crowded for you. Let that someone go because you had your time of him seeing you on his sky.

* Love is a sweet surrender. Giving yourself a pause. Giving yourself a pat on the back and saying "At least you told him". For you know you would never get to somewhere just to an empty nowhere.

* Love is selfless. It is just fine to be in pain. Just so not let others be hurt because that would make your love selfish. Accepting the fact that you can never have someone. Maybe fate does not ring a bell for you and him.

* Love is going back. Never be afraid to see who is behind you. To see who has been there all along. To accept what you had let go before.

* Love is triumph. When you finally reached the finish line. You finally touch the sky and leaned to fly again. When you know that someone will be there with you till the day fades away.

* Love is fate. No matter ho
w long it will keep you apart as long as you're destined for each other. It is worth the wait.

* Love is heaven. You never knew how it feels to cry, to be in pain
and to be hurt anymore. All you know is the loving feeling that you know will help you get through each day.

* Love is GOD. Knowing that you put God first is enough to keep you moving along. Love is from HIM who brought you and the person meant for you together.

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